Our Methodology

At FlipMarket we have combined data taken from various sources such as the US Department of Housing, Zillow, Realtor and other proprietary data sources and combined them in such a way that allows individuals and businesses alike to determine if flipping a home in a particular zip code appears to be a good financial decision.

We have exclusive data that tells us how many home flips are being done in every county across the US along with their median sales and gross margins. This data allows us to successfully predict whether locations can support multiple house flips or if that area should be avoided at all costs.

We are data engineers at heart and have combined the power of machine learning to help come up with our one-of-a-kind house flipping reports.

If there is data you would find useful and would like to know if we can add it to our reports, please drop us an email. We would be glad to chat about your needs.